Paysafecard Makes Real Money Pokies Play a Treat

A simple solution to online pokies play, Paysafecard is an AU$ payment card that can be bought in set value increments at retail outlets throughout the country. The cards are purchased with the specified balance preloaded onto it, a value that is then available to be spent online wherever desired. The money can be used for deposits, or payments, on mobile as well as online facilities. Very easily loaded at the excellent mobile and online casinos selected here at In much the same way as prepaid airtime, there are then no further transactional costs at all. No processing fees means Paysafecard is regarded as Internet cash.

The Online Payment Dilemma

Internet shopping is a normal activity in most levels of Australian society. The only recent changes are that lately the preferred forum for much of this shopping and transacting is now conducted from mobile devices. Since standard credit cards or e-wallets deduct the purchases directly from your account, spending at multiple venues can become difficult to track and maintain effectively.

The pure attraction of a Paysafecard, however, is that it operates on the prepaid principle. The user maintains complete control because being prepaid; the card establishes a set limit for the user. Setting the limit like this, with an instantly available amount of cash facilitates effective personal budgeting and control. This is why Paysafecard is regarded very much as the Internet cash system, and, similar to visiting a brick and mortar casino with a set amount of cash in your pocket, Paysafecard prevents you from exceeding your budget.

Australia now has a range of prepaid payment amounts that can be used for simple and safe online spending without losing track of the amount spent, and, crucially, with no security risk at all. The limitations of this system are obviously that it is not an exchange system, and there is no way of withdrawing winnings from the casino. Any winnings, bonuses or prizes need one of the slower banking methods for their withdrawal.

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Paysafecard Just Like Internet Cash

Paysafecard is a simple and highly acceptable payment solution. It is also a completely safe way of effecting payment at thousands of Internet vendors. All the most common expenditures that Australians incur, such as betting, pokies play, online subscriptions and direct entertainment payments are perfectly suited to prepaid payment. When using Paysafecard, this can be done with complete anonymity if desired. In the same way as cash in hand, there are no requirements for personal details or banking information. Money simply changes hands. Privacy is guaranteed. Safety is certain, and there is no risk of identity theft or banking fraud.

The Paysafecard is therefore the ideal vehicle for sending money quickly and easily paying deposits at online pokies sites. A major factor in Paysafecards’ approval ratings has been the high security levels of customer protection. This simple fact has elevated Paysafecard to being an accepted worldwide market leader in online payments, and particularly Australia.

Secure, Safe and Anonymous  

Purchasing a Paysafecard includes the receipt of a 16-digit PIN code. This unique PIN security number will verify the card and the selected payment value to the online merchant. Payment is instantly effected and received in real time. As long as the pokies site is reputable and from, there is simply no risk to the player.